Month: May 2021


How To: Set up email on iPhone

This blog post will outline how to set up your professional email from SmartHost on your iPhone. To learn how to create your professional email, please view this blog post here: How To: Create a professional email address using the… Continue Reading →

How To: Access email using Webmail

Accessing your email with SmartHost is incredibly easy. Below are the two methods of accessing your email using Webmail. Accessing your email through a Web Browser The easiest way to access your email via Webmail is to open a new… Continue Reading →

Password Strength and Passwords Tips

Shockingly, 63% of all data breaches are caused by weak, default, or stolen passwords. If that statistic made you worried, it’s time you implemented the tips in this blog post to ensure you are practicing good password management.  Below are… Continue Reading →