At SmartHost, we take the security and reliability of our services very seriously.  As part of this commitment, we take frequent backups of all our customers’ data.  In fact, we take 4 full snapshots of all customer website data, databases, and emails to a secure off-web backup storage array.

Accidents and hardware failures are a fact of life, but having such a secure backup regimen gives our customers the security that even in the event of a complete disaster, we can always recover files, emails and databases.

At SmartHost, we believe customers should not have to pay to recover their information.  At a critical time, when your website or email is offline, the last thing you need is to be hit with a bill.  It’s almost like being held to ransom, and that is not the way we work.
All hosting accounts are automatically backed up, and critically can be restored using our powerful self-service feature in the SmartHost Customer Portal. 

How to recover your data:

Simply log in, select JetBackup, and make the relevant selections to restore whatever information you need.  You can also download data for offline review and checks before overwriting any files.
This is just another fantastic feature, available at no extra cost, from