Free SSL with all SmartHost web hosting plans


At SmartHost, we spend a lot of time making sure our servers are fully updated with all the latest security patches and protections to provide a secure and trusted solution to our customers.

In keeping with our policy of providing the highest security standards, we encourage all our customers to install an SSL certificate on their web pages.

What is an SSL

An SSL certificate is a method of encryption for websites. They are used to secure credit card transactions, logins, and data transfer, but are becoming increasingly commonplace on other sites as well.

Using an SSL also means data is secure between servers and could even help your Google SEO ranking. Google rewards sites that are more secure. In fact, most browsers will now mark a site as “insecure” in the address bar to tell users that data being transmitted is insecure.

Our new SSL assistance programme towards implementing SSLs will make your site more secure for your users, and therefore a more inviting place to do business.

SSL Certificates were traditionally an expensive add-on to your hosting service (costing upwards of €80 + VAT from some Irish providers!). Today, SmartHost can announce that every hosting customer can avail of a FREE SSL certificate.

How do I get my Free SSL Certificate

Taking advantage of SmartHost’s Free SSL is a simple and easy process. A Free SSL certificate will be automatically added to every domain for new and existing cPanel hosting customers. Enabling (or forcing) the SSL certificate will give your domain an “https://” prefix, which ensures your website will be labeled as “secure” in most web browsers. We have added the Free SSL to all hosting accounts so that you can benefit from an SSL on your hosted domains.

There are many advantages to having a secure connection on your website. With the recent updates to Chrome’s browser interface, there is a visible padlock displayed in the address bar to indicate if a site is using HTTPS instead of HTTP.

To have the “green’ padlock” bar displayed, you will need to upgrade to the EV SSL Certificate. This is an add-on product which can be purchased separately.

Search engines understand if a website uses an SSL certificate and that can benefit a website’s ranking. Visitors will also pay attention if a site is secure or not. A visitor will feel more confident in providing personal details or purchasing products when they see the padlock associated with an SSL certificate.

The Free SSL from SmartHost lasts for 90 days from the date of issue, and it renews automatically (at no cost to you). So your website will never be without an SSL.

New customers will be able to add or opt-out of the Free SSL upon account sign-up.

Please Note: The Free SSL will not come with any warranty or site logo. For these features, the Free SSL must be upgraded to a paid SSL Certificate. For more information regarding the different types of SSL certificates, please see the SmartHost website