With over 30% of the world’s websites being powered by WordPress, it is no wonder it is constantly being targeting by hackers, malicious code distributors, and data thieves. 

Keeping your WordPress site updated is crucial, as hackers will regularly search for websites running old instances of WordPress and target them for weaknesses that would not have been present if they were running the latest version of WordPress. 

Below is a quick step-by-step guide for checking and updating WordPress. We recommend checking for updates to your core WordPress installation, along with all your plugins at least once a week. 


  • Start by logging into your WordPress site. Once on the dashboard, click Updates
  1. When you. are ready to update, click Update Now
  2. WordPress will fetch the latest version of WordPress and install it automatically
  3. While WordPress is installing the update, it will place your website in maintenance mode. Your site will still be visible to users, but you will be unable to install plugins or themes while the update installs.
  4. Once the update is finished, you will be redirected to a screen with a list of all the changes made
  5. That’s it. It is that easy. Checking this weekly will ensure your site is as secure as it can be

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