SmartHost aims to make getting online simple, accessible, and affordable. As part of that mission, we are reducing the price of our .ie domain names, in the hope that it helps push more businesses to make the leap into digital.

COVID-19 has been a tough time for us all. Businesses have found that a local .ie domain name, is a way of mitigating the worst effects of the physical lockdown. Having the ability to reach customers and sell your products directly to them, without the need for a physical location, has saved many businesses.

.ie Pricing

As of 30/04/21, the price of our .ie domain names will be reduced from €3.99 + VAT to €0.99 + VAT for the first year.

This 75% price decrease is made with the hope that it makes the process of getting your business up and running online more accessible, easier, and more affordable.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us by phone during business hours on (01) 901 9700, or by email at