Should I buy a .ie or .com domain extension?


First off, let’s explain what a domain name is? 

Simply put, a domain name is a name someone types into their browser URL to find your website. For us, our domain name is

You can think of a domain having three individual parts. You have the text to the left of the dot, the dot in the middle, and the text to the right of the dot. 

The text to the left of the dot is completely up to you. If you are a company you may want it to be the same as your brand, or your own personal name if you are starting a blog. 

The text to the right of the dot is the domain name extension or suffix. These can also be called Top-Level Domains (TLDs) or Country Code Top-Level Domains (ccTLDs). 

Top-Level Domains include: .com, .net, .org, .info, etc. 

Country Code Top-Level Domains include: .ie,, etc. 

Put them together and you have a full domain such as:

The tricky part for beginners is trying to figure out what domain extension to pick. There are hundreds of them and each one has small advantages over the other. If you are based in Ireland like us, you will more than likely be trying to decide between a .ie and a .com name extension. We have highlighted the pros and cons between them to help you decide which one is for you. 

.ie Domain Name Extension

.ie domain name extensions are the most popular domain extensions in Ireland. This is a specific domain for Ireland and requires you to show your connection to Ireland with the .IE Registry in order to purchase one. Due to this high standard, websites with a .ie domain extension instill confidence in their users. 

Below is a shortlist of the pros and cons of the .ie domain name extension. 


  • Increased buyer confidence by proving you are an Irish business
  • The benefit of increased SEO within Ireland, allowing more visitors located within Ireland  to find your website organically
  • Geo-Targeting for free. A .ie domain tells Google that you offer products/services to customers within Ireland, increasing your ranking in search browsers even further.
  • Affordability. Generally speaking, .ie domains are usually cheaper than other domain name extensions. You can view SmartHosts .ie domain pricing HERE


  •  Not ideal for targeting international customers. 

.com Domain Name Extension:

The .com domain extension is the most popular domain extension in the world. If you choose a .com domain name extension, you will be joining millions of other website owners all over the world.

Below is a shortlist of the pros and cons of the .ie domain name extension. 


  • Trustworthy domain name extension. It is the most popular domain extension, giving your website credibility. 
  • Enhanced global reach. International visitors will view your .com domain extension as a mark of international reach. 
  • Easy to remember. The .com domain extension is what everybody thinks of when they think of a website name. 
  • Authority. A .com gives your brand a sense of authority in the international market as it is the most established and well known TLD’s available. 


  • Higher Cost. The .com suffix is more expensive upfront than a .ie domain name. 
  • Name Availability. As .com domain extensions are the most popular across the world, the chances of securing your brand-name or perfect blog name are unlikely.
  • Local trade may suffer. If a user in Ireland searches for a product or service you provide, a similar company may rank higher on Search Engines due to the Geo-Targeting benefits of a .ie domain name extension. 

There is no right or wrong answer when selecting what domain name extension you should pick. Everyone will have different wants/needs. Generally speaking, if your business is based in Ireland and plans to serve the Irish Market, you will be better off with a .ie domain name extension.

It’s important to not overlook the power of using both a TLD such as .com and a ccTLD such as .ie to appeal to international and local customers. Not only will you be appealing to local visitors in a specific geographic area but you also have the potential for big returns and bringing in more customers.

You can purchase both .ie and .com domains from SmartHost by visiting our website HERE