Main Benefits Of Using WordPress


WordPress is used by a staggering 59.5% of websites that use content management software. This not only makes it the most popular CMS in the world but also blows all other content management software out of the water, with the closest competitor taking just 5.9% market share. Below are a few reasons why we chose to use WordPress as the base of our website builder: 

Easy to Install and Ready To Use:

WordPress is incredibly easy to install with our 1-click installer found within your cPanel account. There is also no setup or configuration needed. You can dive right into customising your website and its content. 

Search Engine Friendly: 

WordPress is SEO friendly as soon as you install it. WordPress sites tend to rank higher in SEO ranking through search engines like Google or Bing, as it is easier for search engines to find the exact data a user is looking for due to its framework. 

The Sky’s The Limit: 

WordPress is incredibly adaptable. It has an extensive range of plugins and extensions that allow you to drastically alter the way your site works and looks. From personal blogs, small businesses, or large corporate entities, WordPress has you covered. 


The main reason WordPress is beloved CMS is due to the security measures in place. The developers constantly update the CMS and all extensions and plugins that integrate with it. 

Mobile Friendly: 

WordPress has a vast catalog of themes available that allow you to quickly and easily add your details and content to it. The majority of these themes are also mobile-friendly, meaning your site looks good on any device. 

Content Creation: 

One of the main draws of WordPress is the ability to add posts and change the look of your site without having to know coding or HTML. This makes it extremely easy to manage your website and make it look and perform exactly how you want it. 

There are many other reasons we have chosen to use WordPress as the base for our website builder, but we can’t link them all without making this post 10 pages long. Using WordPress as your CMS will enhance your site’s security, make management incredibly simple, make changes to your site’s look and content quick and easy, and ensure your site will be loved by search engine rankings and optimised for any device.