At, we have invested in the very best in Dell server hardware, and our entire platform runs on super fast SSD disk drives.  As with any technology, things can and do go wrong.  For this reason, we have implemented a status website, to keep our customers up to date on any service affecting issues. 

Many customers use this as the first port of call when they see any issue with their website. Whilst major issues and outages are extremely rare, we will post all the latest and up to date information on the status website when something does go wrong.

This will be updated frequently by our senior engineers who have the latest information on the issue.  Our support teams also use this same information to inform customers who may call for updates about the issue.  Our support team will not have any further information other than that posted to the status site.

For serious service affecting issues, we will initially post our findings, and then follow up with at least hourly updates until the issue is resolved.  Luckily, as of the time of posting, we have never had such an issue, and we hope to keep it this way. To access the Status website, please visit