FAQ: How to transfer the domain(s) I own to SmartHost



Transferring the domain(s) you own to SmartHost is incredibly easy. Before you start, we would recommend getting in contact with your current registrar (who sold you the domain) and asking for an EPP Code. 

What is an EPP Code?:

An EPP code is a transfer authorization key that safeguards your domain from unauthorized transfers of your domain. It also protects your rights as the domain holder. 

Once you have the EPP Code, you can begin the process of transferring your domain using the steps below: 

1: Log on to https://smarthost.ie/transfer-your-domain/ and enter the domain you wish to transfer to us in the search field

2: On the next page, you will be prompted to enter the Authorisation Code (EPP Code). Enter this and click next. 

3: You will be asked if you want to purchase hosting along with your domain. Click the plan that suits you if you require hosting. You can view our Hosting Plans in detail by clicking HERE. If not, select “Transfer Domain Only”. 

4: You will then be on the checkout page. You can create an account here and enter your billing details. Once you have entered all your details correctly, click the “Checkout” button and allow up to a minute for your order to be processed and set up. 


One Account: 

If you have purchased a hosting plan with us, it is a good idea to transfer your domain to us as well. This makes management of your hosting and domain incredibly easy as you will be able to manage both from our SmartHost Customer Portal. 

Affordable Pricing: 

SmartHost offers competitive renewal pricing, which could save you money every time your domain name renews.