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Password Strength and Passwords Tips

Shockingly, 63% of all data breaches are caused by weak, default, or stolen passwords. If that statistic made you worried, it’s time you implemented the tips in this blog post to ensure you are practicing good password management.  Below are… Continue Reading →

What is the SmartHost One-Stop-Shop?

Setting up a business for the first time is extremely daunting. You have to navigate business plans, marketing strategies, market research, branding, social media, accounting, website design, and much, much more.  For most businesses, having an online presence is essential…. Continue Reading →

Bulk Updating Service

We are pleased to announce we are now operating a bulk updating service for all of our customers. This service is free of charge.  If you are in need of bulk updating or uploading large amounts of data, doing so… Continue Reading →

Tips to work from home effectively

Working from home can be difficult at times. Distractions come all too easily in the form of children, pets, phones, or the fridge (at least in my case). Remote working takes discipline focus, whether you are an employer or employee…. Continue Reading →

How to create a professional email address using the SmartHost Customer Portal

Step 1: Log in After you have purchased a hosting service and created an account, log into the SmartHost Customer Portal using your login details. You can log in HERE Step 2: Click Services Once logged in, you can use… Continue Reading →

SmartHost Status Site

At, we have invested in the very best in Dell server hardware, and our entire platform runs on super fast SSD disk drives.  As with any technology, things can and do go wrong.  For this reason, we have implemented a… Continue Reading →

File Database & Email Backups

At SmartHost, we take the security and reliability of our services very seriously.  As part of this commitment, we take frequent backups of all our customers’ data.  In fact, we take 4 full snapshots of all customer website data, databases,… Continue Reading →

Domain Registration vs Web Hosting. What’s the difference?

What is the difference between domain registration and web hosting? This is a common question asked by anyone thinking of launching their own website.  Domain names and web hosting go hand in hand. You will more than likely need both…. Continue Reading →

Introducing SmartHost’s Free SMS Notification services

At SmartHost, our goal has always been to offer the best quality web hosting and domain registration services. We love adding new additions to our service that will benefit our customers. Today, we are excited to be announcing our latest… Continue Reading →

Direct Debit – A new way to pay

Smart Host customers can now pay using Direct Debit ! Customers have been asking us for while how they can set up an easy to set up payments direct form their bank accounts. Previously, the only way was to log… Continue Reading →