Smart Host customers can now pay using Direct Debit !

Customers have been asking us for while how they can set up an easy to set up payments direct form their bank accounts. Previously, the only way was to log in to your bank, set up SmartHost as a supplier, and then create a standing order for a set monthly amount. This was time consuming and cumbersome – what happens if a new product or service is added? You would have to amend the instruction with your bank, and that is a time consuming process.

We’re delighted to have partnered with “GoCardLess” – an easy to use, simple to set up Bank to Bank payment system.

An easy to complete online form (conveniently linked directly from the SmartHost ordering systems) now allows you to up an Online Direct Payment to us through their Bank Account.

How could I use Direct Debit for making SmartHostpayments?

You would be able to set a direct debit for recurring payments of your services at SmartHost by following the below steps:

1. Login to your client area at SmartHost.
2. Click on the unpaid invoice.

3. Select the payment mode “Secure Direct Debit” from the drop down menu at the top right corner of the respective invoice.

4. The webpage redirects you to the Gocardless page. You need to fill-up the requested information, and you are done with setting up an Online Direct Payment!!

Accordingly, you would be signed up with Gocardless, you would need to note down the login credentials for your future reference.

Now what is Gocardless !

GoCardless is a next generation payments company and now available in Ireland. GoCardless is the best payment gateway for initiating/collecting payments using the Direct Debit infrastructure, plus it is 100% secure and safe. It is backed by the banks’ Direct Debit guarantee scheme.

How does it work?

The payments that you have initiated using Gocardless are directly paid into our bank account. The back-end process is as follows:

1. You make a payment through Gocardless on the 1st Day.
2. Gocardless sends a payment advice to your bank on the same day.
3. Gocardless would receive the payment from your bank within 3 to 5 business working days (on the same day it would be applied to your due invoice).
4. Finally, on receiving your payment to their bank account, Gocardless pays it to the SmartHost bank account, and the payment is confirmed by us on the 12th day from the payment created date at our bank account.

For ultimate security and full GDPR compliance, Smarthost never sees your bank details or information.

Also, take care for the next payment date that a duplicate transaction would not be initiated by you since you have already set a direct debit in the previous month. 

Is my money safe at Gocardless?

Gocardless is regulated as a Small Payment Institution by the FSA (Financial Services Authority) and they are sponsored to use the Direct Debit infrastructure by the Royal Bank of Scotland. All money collected is held in a secure client monies account with RBS.

Using our new Direct Debit system allows you to easily and securely set up a payment from your bank account, without the need for a debit/credit card, it is fully secure and guaranteed safe.