How To: Connect Your Domain To Shopify


Connecting your domain to Shopify, using the SmartHost Customer Portal is simple and easy to do. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to connect your domain to Shopify:

Step 1: Log into Shopify

  1. Once you have logged in to Shopify, go to Online Store and then Domains
  2. Click Connect existing domain
  3. Enter the domain name you wish to connect ( for example)
  4. Click Next

Step 2: Log into SmartHost Customer Portal

  1. Once logged in, hover your mouse above the Domains tab and click Manage DNS
  2. Click Add New Zone
  3. Enter the Zone Name as the domain you want to connect to Shopify ( for example) and in the IP Address as This is correct at the time of writing this, but Shopify’s IP can change at any time so please check your Shopify settings to make sure it’s accurate.
  4. Click Edit Zone (small pen icon)
  5. For the first record, select A record in the dropdown menu. In the Type or Record field, enter @, and in the Points To field, enter Shopify IP address of
  6. For the second record, select CNAME in the dropdown menu. In the Domain field, enter www and in the Canonical Name field, enter and save changes. Please be aware, the full stop is important at the end of

Step 3: Verification

  1. You now need to head back to your Shopify account and click Verify Connection. Please note, this could take 48 hours for your domain to connect with Shopify.