How to: Register a .IE domain with SmartHost


How to: Register a .IE domain with SmartHost 

.IE domains have come a long way in recent times. The popularity of a .IE domain name has continued to increase dramatically over the last 5 years. This statement is supported by the national registry for .IE domain names. .IE (formerly IEDR) has recorded a 43.6% increase in .IE domains over the last 5 years. 

Over 65 thousand .IE domains were registered in 2020. In the first half of 2020 alone, 78.4% of all .IE domains purchased were by companies and self employed individuals. This clearly shows that .IE domains are leading the field in e-commerce and business in Ireland. 

The process of registering a .IE has also changed dramatically in recent times. In November 2020, .IE released their brand new TITAN system. One of the many changes included in this new system is the ease of which a .IE can be registered. 

If you purchase a .IE domain, you must prove your connection to Ireland. TITAN makes that process much easier. 

Registration Process: 

  • If the domain name is available, add it to your cart and begin the billing process. 

  • You will be asked to show your connection to Ireland during this process. Please click the option that is most relevant to you. The four options you will see will be as follows:

I have a .ie domain registered with SmartHost already

An Individual

A Business 

An Organisation

  • Once you have purchased and paid for the domain, you will receive an email from .IE asking you to upload your proof of connection to Ireland, using their secure ticketing system. You will be given a unique Ticket ID. Using that Ticket ID, you can input your documents to their Document Uploader here: All of this will be accessible through the email you will receive. 

If you are unsure about what option suits you, our team is available to discuss this with you. Feel free to give us a ring on (01) 901 9700, or send us an email at

You can purchase your .IE domain through SmartHost for only €3.99. Visit to learn more.