SmartHost Service Update: 01/02/21


As part of our commitment to constant upgrades and improvements of our service, we are pleased to detail below a list of improvements and service updates.

Ordering Process: 

Our checkout pages have been updated and are refreshed to be more streamlined. Our .ie ordering process now asks for the entitlement information (CRO number, existing .ie domain, etc) on the order page. This provides us with all the necessary information required and can potentially allow full automation of the registration process. Some applications still need to be manually checked by the Domain Registry, and we will continue to follow up by email for any outstanding information required.

Client area:

We have extended the hosting client area to add 2 new options:

IP Blocker – allow clients to block access to their sites for single or a range of IP addresses

Git Version Control – provide clients with the possibility to create as well as manage their Git repositories

In addition, we have made some slight fixes related to sorting certain tables, and other minor user interface and code corrections.

The DNS Manager now has an Auto-Synchronization of DNS records when multiple servers are used simultaneously for created zones.

We have also carried out a lot of work behind the scenes to ensure the SmartHost Client Portal continues to give our customers the best possible experience.